Choir During Covid-19

Choir During Covid-19

Covid 19 has had a huge impact on everyone’s live around the world and especially the impact it has had on choirs, singing and social gatherings.

While we at Helen Vereker Singers are unable to meet in person for the time being, we have moved our choir sessions on-line.  We have tried several options to keep choir singing together while we’re all kept apart, and the best interaction we can come up with is our video teaching session, followed up with a sing-song where we use past recordings of the choir singing.  This way you get to learn a new song each week, in parts, followed by a virtual sing-a-long with all your choir friends.  We also interact socially on Facebook and Zoom regularly.

To use our video

You will find our current teaching video on our home page.   You will see lots of dots across the bottom of the video. These are markers to help you find things quickly within the video.

The teaching video is sectioned off into parts.  We go over the melody section first.  It will say on the video if the melody line is more suitable for High, Middle, or Low Voice registers. Some of you will only want to sing the Melody to the song.  Following this we go over the other sections. Again these are split into High, Middle or Low voices and will contain a mixture of Harmonies, Backing Vocals and Rhythms.

Use the markers to go over your part again (and again) as many times as you need.  Once you feel confident singing your part.  Move across the markers to find “All Parts Together’. This video is where all parts of the song are sung together.  Use the markers to go over this as many times as you need.

Following this weeks teaching video, you will find a selection of sing-a-long videos for you to join in with.

There is no charge to watch our weekly video and use our on-line resources, however we continue to charge our members for full access to our current learning material.