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Helen has moved our choir sessions online for the time being as we are currently unable to meet in person.  You don’t have to sign up to take advantage of our free membership, just visit our website as and when you wish to access our free resources.

We have 3 membership tiers:

Bronze – Free membership with newsletter sign-up

You have access our current weekly teaching video along with our free resources such as our vocal warm ups and singing exercises by entering your email details, will allow us to keep you up to date with our newsletter and any Bronze activities we arrange..


Previous Cider Museum members have been given this subscription status.  Please sign in with your original log-in details

Silver – £20 per month

Here you get access to all our Current Teaching Videos, Resources, Singing Exercise video’s (without Youtube adverts) Zoom meetings, FB social group and any socially distanced activities we arrange.  Payments are taken via Paypal unless you have already a different payment method in place.

As a choir leader, Helen felt it was important that everyone got the chance to be included in every song (rather than just being a backing singer to someone’s solo), Arrangements are between 2 & 9 parts, depending on the song, with 3 or 4 parts being the average to each song. They are suitable for High, Middle and Low Voice ranges, and have  the Melody, Harmonies and Backing Vocals distributed around the different parts.

You can register for Bronze Membership by clicking the Join Now button.   If you wish to join as a Silver Member, register for the Bronze Option first, then click on the subscription button.

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